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Makeup for women of colour everywhere

Makeup Lesson

Learn to apply your own makeup professionally

Anyone can put on mascara or a bit of lipstick, but its a whole new challenge when it comes to creating a complete night-time glamour or a glowing and natural daytime look. A private makeup lesson will teach you everything from the basics right through to the best professional tricks. You will soon be creating your own perfect complexion, luscious lashes and dramatic lips.

A makeup lesson can help your effortlessly switch your look from a classic beauty to an much more edgy trend setter! As we age our makeup needs to change; our favourite lipstick shade may suddenly seem too harsh or our foundation just isn’t working. As a professional makeup artist I can show you how to update your look for both day and evening making you feel more youthful and confident. I can show you the best age-appropriate colours and products, teach you the secrets of looking younger whilst avoiding the makeup mistakes that can age you. The correct makeup application should having you looking and feeling youthful for as long as possible!

A makeup lesson is a great way to learn some useful trade secrets, how to correctly care for your skin, will teach you a fast yet simple makeup routine, provide you with the correct tips to achieve a long-lasting makeup look and will give you the chance to learn how to professionally apply your makeup to suit you.

The key to successful makeup is to understand how to enhance your features using the best cosmetics. A makeup lesson will teach you how to research for the best products, brush up on your application techniques and is a chance to experiment helping you to find a perfect look for so you.

Have you been wearing the same makeup for years but really want a new look, or maybe you have never worn makeup before but you really want to know how. Then booking a makeup lesson is a must!

Makeup Tutorial £60.00